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Which Phones Have the Best Lights

We all like to have as many lights as possible on our handsets. This is not as high a priority in other countries as it appears to be in Australia. All customers ask for more lights to see what is going on with their system. This is a quick article about which handsets offer the best light options.


The cisco spa942 only offers 4 lights, this allows your extension plus 3 other context sensitive lights. So you can see who is on the phone and pickup remote extensions with 1 button. The spa962 used to be the only phone to support the 32 button attendant console. The recent introduction of the SPA500 range means the SPA932 and SPA500S can be added to some entry level phones for 32 lights and buttons.

Snom Phones

Snom offer 12 lights on the Snom320+ range. This makes them a great replacement for the standard Australian "Key System".

Polycom Phones

Polycom offer outstanding Audio Quality and phone build quality. They are not the best when it comes to number of lights. You can add the Polycom expansion module for more.

Grandstream Phones