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Linksys/Cisco Phones

Cisco SPA942

Cisco SPA9XX Series Handsets

  • Cisco SPA901 : No Screen, Lobby or Factory IP Phone.
  • Cisco SPA921 : B&W Screen, No Backlight 1 Line Appearance.
  • Cisco SPA922 : B&W Screen, POE, 2 Ethernet ports (Switched), 1 Line Appearance.
  • Cisco SPA941 : B&W Screen, Single Ethernet Port, no backlight, 4 Line Appearances.
  • Cisco SPA942 : B&W Screen, 2 Ethernet Ports (Switched), 4 Line Appearanced.
  • Cisco SPA932 : A 32 button line extension console for the SPA962
  • Cisco SPA962 : Colour Screen, POE, 6 Line appearance, 2 Etherent Ports (Switched)

Cisco SPA5XX Series Handsets

Available and shipping in Australia Now.

This series will become a replacement for the SPA9XX models above. They are still fairly new, the SPA525G is currently available and shipping in Australia.

 All offer, full duplex speaker phone; http/tftp/https provisioning;
 MWI; Dual Ethernet; POE; Up to 2 SPA500S Consoles; 
Cisco SPA500 Series Phones
  • SPA501G 8 Line, No LCD Display.
  • SPA502G 2-Line, LCD Display.
  • SPA504G 4-Line, LCD Display.
  • SPA508G 8-Line, LCD Display.
  • SPA509G 12-Line, LCD Display.
  • SPA500S Attendant Console to work with the SPA5XX series handsets.

Cisco/Linksys Wireless Handets

Grandstream VoIP Phones

AAstra VoIP Handsets

Polycom SoundPoint

Snom Phones

Snom started production of VoIP phones in 1999, Germany. Snom pride themselves on open source support, particularly asterisk.

  • Snom 820 12 Line IP Phone with 320x240 pixel Color Display.
  • Snom 370 12-line IP Phone with 240x128 pixel graphical screen.
  • Snom 360 12-line IP Phone with 128x64 pixel graphical screen.
  • Snom 320 12-line IP Phone, Text based screen.
  • Snom 300 Small, 4-line IP Phone, Text Based Screen.
  • Snom Expansion Board Add 42 Programmable Keys to your snom 320,360 or 370.

Yealink IP Phones

Comparison Table of Yealink Models