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Cisco SPA8800 4FXO 4FXS Overview

Cisco SPA8800 4 FXO and 4 FXS Ports

4FXO and 4FXS, What could be better. This is an ideal combination to keep your existing PSTN lines, and add 4 FXS ports particularly good for an old commander system for example. But we are here for Asterisk, so you can use this device to bring 4 FXO (PSTN) lines into your Asterisk system and offer 4 analog extensions. Even Better Cisco have released their own guide on how to configure the SPA8800 for Asterisk, Yep Cisco, see link below.

Cisco SPA8800 Details from Cisco

Developed for small businesses, the Cisco® SPA8800 IP Telephony Gateway (Figure 1) adapts to the needs of businesses that maintain their own on-premise IP private branch exchange (PBX) or that want to add voice over IP (VoIP) to their legacy time-division multiplexing (TDM) PBX or key system. The SPA8800 can be configured to be a FXO gateway for an Asterisk open source PBX, providing a versatile solution when conditions favor an external device. Powered by industry-leading VoIP technology from Cisco, the SPA8800 is designed with a solid hardware casing and contains many standard features, including four RJ-11 FXS and four FXO ports, a 10/100BASE-T RJ-45 Ethernet interface to connect to either a router or multilayer switch, and an auxiliary port for local administration. The gateway also includes a single multiport RJ-21 50-pin connector, offering an alternative connection choice for FXO and FXS ports when deploying the gateway in varied environments.

Cisco SPA8800 Highlights

Cisco SPA8800 4 FXO and 4 FXS Ports Rear View
  • Increase in FXO port density to connect PSTN lines
  • Adds VoIP to a legacy TDM PBX or key system
  • Converts voice traffic into data packets for transmission over an IP network
  • Supports SIP standards for voice and data networking, for reliable voice and fax operation
  • Includes highly secure, encryption-based methods for communicating, provisioning, and servicing

System Ports

  • 4 RJ-11 FXS phone ports for analog circuit telephone device(s) (tip/ring)
  • 4 RJ-11 FXO line ports for telco or PABX or KTS connection(s)
  • RJ-21 (50-pin telco connector) multiport voice connection
  • 1 WAN 100BASE-T RJ-45 Ethernet port (IEEE 802.3)
  • 1 AUX 100BASE-T RJ-45 Ethernet port (IEEE 802.3) for Maintenance

Setup SPA8800 for Asterisk

Download PDF from Cisco

Where to Buy Cisco SPA8800