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About the Cisco SPA400

Cisco SPA400 4 FXO Ports

Connect up to four standard analog telephone lines to a voice over IP (VoIP) network, with calls automatically routed to and from your existing telephone service. Formerly part of the Linksys Voice System (LVS), now part of Cisco Small Business Voice Systems, the SPA400 Internet Telephony Gateway was designed to be deployed with the Linksys/Cisco SPA9000 IP telephony system.

The SPA400 also supports up to 32 voicemail accounts with customized greetings that can be accessed through a user's Cisco or Linksys IP phone.

Additional features of the Cisco SPA400 include:

•Support for four RJ-11 FXO ports to connect to the public switched telephone network (PSTN) •One 10/100 BaseT RJ-45 Ethernet interface used to connect to the local IP network •Integrated voicemail server application supporting 32 voicemail accounts •Easy installation support using the SPA9000 Setup Wizard

The SPA400 is an excellent lower cost alternative to Digium and Sangoma cards for a 4 port FXO solution.

The SPA400 and Asterisk

The SPA400 actually runs asterisk as part of its firmware. You can use it as a 4 FXO ports to make and receive calls via traditional telephony lines. You cannot make use of the SPA400 voicemail system.

  • Configure sip.conf with


  • In the FreePBX Gui


The default username is Admin and the password is blank.

  1. Go to the Basic Setup screen.
  2. Setup the Fixed IP Address information for the SPA400. Do not use Dynamic IP Addresses – the Asterisk server must find the SPA400 and register with it.
  3. Setup the SPA400 DNS and NTP information.
  4. Click Save Settings.

  • Select Setup -> SPA9000 Interface
  1. Change the User ID to spa400.
  2. Leave the SPA9000 Address set to Discover Automatically. For added security, once the SPA400 is working with the
  3. Asterisk server this value can be changed to match the server information.
  4. Click Save Settings.

  • Make sure you use freepbx to create an outbound route via the SPA400.
  • Use this menu to set tones within the spa400. The following settings are for Australia.
  • Disconnect tones : http://<spa400_address>/html/hide_cptone.htm
 Tone on Fraction: 45
 High Cutoff Frequency: 430
 Low Cutoff Frequency: 420
 First Tone on and off: 375
 Second Tone on and off: 375
 Repeat Count: 2
 Press Submit.
 Then Voice Tab (PSTN Settings), use the following for Australia:
 Transmit Gain: 10db
 Receive Gain: 0db
 Impedence: 220 Ohms + (820 Ohms||120nF)
 Tip/Ring Voltage: 3.1V
 Operational Loop current min: 14mA
 On-Hook Speed: 26ms (Australia)
 DC Current Limiting: Disable
 Caller ID: European
 Tear Down FXO port when silence period detected: 120 sec
 Then press Submit.
Cisco SPA400 Rear View. 4FXO Ports (green) Ethernet (Yellow)

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