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Trixbox usually requires its own hardware, an old PC or Server that becomes your phone system. This PC then needs to be left on 24 hours a day to hum away quietly. Chances are you already have a serious server running your office, you have invested in redundant power supplies, huge disks and a processor that only uses 0.0001% serving your office files. Now you can allocate some of that premium hardware to supporting your Trixbox PBX. This guide covers Trixbox, if you have available hardware check Building a Business PBX


Running Trixbox in a virtual environment has typically not been recommended in the past, telephony uses complex timing and real-time compression that other services can interfere with. Virtual systems have improved and Asterisk has improved to the point where Trixbox is workable in a virtual environment. You cannot use any of the Digium cards or PCI cards for your PSTN lines, and will need a Cisco SPA400,Cisco SPA8800 or separate box.

What You Need

  • Make sure your server has the capacity to handle the extra load.
  • Typically 15Gb of Disk Space spare and 500 Mb of RAM.

Getting Started

Installing Sun Virtual Box ScreenShots

  • Run the Setup Wizard.
  • Select Next, Accept the license agreement.
  • Use the default settings, click next again
  • Decide if you want shortcuts, Click Next
  • Yes, to the network warning. The install is just going to drop the network for a moment.
  • Click Install to start the installation.
  • Wait while the setup completes. Click "Continue Anyway" on the unsigned driver popups.
  • Select Start xVM after installation.

Bridge the network interfaces Screenshots

  • We will need to bridge the network interface, this is done through the Operating System.
  • Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> Network Connections.
  • You should see a new "VirtualBox Host-Only Network". This is the virtual box.
  • Select the 2 network connections (Hold CTRL). Right click and select "Bridge Connections"
  • You should now have a Network Bridge.

Create a new VirtualBox with Screenshots

  • You may need to register if this is the first time you have run VirtualBox.
  • Select New (top left) to create a new virtual box.
  • Click Next
  • Enter A Name: Trixbox
  • Select Operating System : Linux
  • Select Version : Linux 2.6
  • Click Next
  • Base Memory Size, Select 512Mb, if you are tight on memory 256Mb. If you can spare it 1Gb.
  • Click Next.
  • Select "Create New Hard Disk" and tick Boot Hard Disk (Default)
  • Click Next, Virtual Hard Disk Wizard, Click Next Again.
  • Select Fixed Sized Storage. 15Gb should be plenty, more if you have it.
  • Click Finish and your Virtual Hard Disk will be created.
  • Click Finished and you will return to the main screen.

Change the network settings

  • Click the settings button, Select Network and change from NAT to Bridged.
  • Screenshot

Installing Trixbox on the Virtual Machine with Screenshots

  • Click the green start button, this will run the first time wizard.
  • Click Next to choose installation media.
  • Click "Image File" and browse.
  • Click Add and select the trixbox image file.
  • Click Select and Finish
  • This is now like booting from the CD on your virtual machine.
  • Press enter to begin the installation.
  • This is now like any other Trixbox installation.

Standard Trixbox Installation

  • Select Keyboard Type [Enter]
  • Select Timezone [Enter]
  • Enter Root Password [Enter]
  • Wait for the install to complete.

Remove the ISO as a boot preference

  • After you trixbox install, the server will reboot to the ISO.
  • To stop this from happening :
  • Select Devices, Unmount CD/DVD ROM.
  • Select Machine, Reset, then O.K.
  • Your virtual system will now reboot into the trixbox PBX and complete the install.


All Done!. Your trixbox system will behave just like any other. You should set a static IP address with system-config-network.


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