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Switchvox is a well packaged, east to manage PBX. The system is locked so you can only manage it via the Web based interface. This can also cut down on the number of problems you can have with the PBX. It has less components installed than trixbox so runs better in a virtual environment. The free edition has some limitations on number of extensions, digium cards and codecs. It will be perfect for a 10 extension office with a SIP provider such as engin. Limitations are 15 extensions, 8 concurrent calls and only TDM cards (Although these will not work in a virtual machine anyway).

  • This guide steps through how to install switchvox free edition on a Virtual Server. This saves having to purchase and maintain additional hardware and as a far more advanced PBX system than would normally be available.

Download Software

Installing Sun Virtual Box for Switchvox ScreenShots

  • Run the Setup Wizard.
  • Select Next, Accept the license agreement.
  • Use the default settings, click next again
  • Decide if you want shortcuts, Click Next
  • Yes, to the network warning. The install is just going to drop the network for a moment.
  • Click Install to start the installation.
  • Wait while the setup completes. Click "Continue Anyway" on the unsigned driver popups.
  • Select Start xVM after installation.

Bridge the network interfaces Screenshots

  • We will need to bridge the network interface, this is done through the Operating System.
  • Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> Network Connections.
  • You should see a new "VirtualBox Host-Only Network". This is the virtual box.
  • Select the 2 network connections (Hold CTRL). Right click and select "Bridge Connections"
  • You should now have a Network Bridge.

Create a new Switchvox VirtualBox with Screenshots

  • You may need to register if this is the first time you have run VirtualBox.
  • Select New (top left) to create a new virtual box.
  • Click Next
  • Enter A Name: Switchvox
  • Select Operating System : Linux
  • Select Version : Linux 2.6
  • Click Next
  • Base Memory Size, Select 512Mb, if you are tight on memory 256Mb. If you can spare it 1Gb.
  • Click Next.
  • Select "Create New Hard Disk" and tick Boot Hard Disk (Default)
  • Click Next, Virtual Hard Disk Wizard, Click Next Again.
  • Select Fixed Sized Storage. 10Gb should be plenty, more if you have it.
  • Click Finish and your Virtual Hard Disk will be created.
  • Click Finished and you will return to the main screen.

Change the network settings

  • Click the settings button, Select Network and change from NAT to Bridged.
  • Screenshot

Installing Switchvox on the Virtual Machine with Screenshots

  • Click the green start button, this will run the first time wizard.
  • Click Next to choose installation media.
  • Click "Image File" and browse.
  • Click Add and select the switchvox eg. digium-switchvox-free_8634.iso image file.
  • Click Select and Finish
  • This is now like booting from the CD on your virtual machine.
  • Press enter to begin the installation.
  • This is now like any other Switchvox installation.
  • A Quick setup guide provided by Digium is here Switchvox Quick Setup Guide

Standard Switchvox Installation

  • Select Timezone [Enter]
  • Wait for the install to complete.
  • Use the first run wizard.
  • Note : it can take some time to install past the udev boot screen. Depending on processor speed/System memory.
  • After installation, setup is completed via a web browser with https://ip.address.of.switchvox/admin
  • The default username and password is admin and admin