Australian Asterisk Sounds

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Australian Asterisk Sounds

Australian Asterisk Sounds are offered by VoiceStudio.

You can update the Asterisk core sounds by using the following instructions.

  • Log into your asterisk server using SSH.
  • You may need something like putty to do this.
  • type wget [enter]
  • For backup type : tar cvfz backupsounds.tar.gz /var/lib/asterisk/sounds/ [enter]
  • type tar -zxvf ausounds.tar.gz -C /var/lib/asterisk/sounds/ [enter]
  • Done. Your asterisk sound files are replaced.

Note : These sounds are limited to the core version. Premium sounds from VoiceStudio are $99

Where to buy Australian Asterisk Sounds

Full Asterisk Sounds Lists

Asterisk sounds include 2 main modules, the core sounds and the extra sounds. The core sounds are numbers, letters and voicemail functions. The Asterisk Extra sounds are the other sounds, like all circuits busy. A full list is listed in the links below.