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Finally an asterisk to skype solution that does not require special work arounds and drivers. You do have to purchase the license for Asterisk to Skype. This commercial Asterisk product is released by Digium working closely with Skype. It will work with Trixbox and other asterisk distributions. Check the readme file on how to install Asterisk to Skype.

You can use other solutions for skype to asterisk that may be cheaper, there are many skype ATA boxes that will make skype appear as an FXS port, you can then use a Digium card or other FXO solution to bring the server into Asterisk. Ebay has many cheap skype boxes that will work for this purpose. This can get cumbersome and is not as tidy a solution as the Digium Skype to Asterisk solution.

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Where to Buy

Digium Direct * Fastest Method $US66.00

Buy SkypeOut Credit

Buy Skype For Asterisk From ATP The Official Distributor of Digium | Asterisk

A Hardware Solution

Not nearly as neat as the Asterisk to Skype software solution from Digium because with most adapters you require a PC to be active to connect a USB box to. However if you have some spare FXO ports; Something like the Vosky can be purchased fairly cheap, however you require an FXO port on your Asterisk system which is more expensive. The setup would be like below :

                    PC Running Skype
                USB(FXS RJ11)  <---->  (FXO RJ11)Asterisk FXO Server