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GSM Gateways Overview

People often ask why a GSM gateway can be a better option than simply using VoIP provider. VoIP provider costs are similar to many mobile plans, so how can a GSM gateway help?

  • Mobile Companies often have a business bundle so staff can call each other for free. By getting an extra SIM card for your Asterisk server GSM gateway, your office can make and receive calls to staff for free.

Options for this solution

  • Should you have some extra FXO or FXS ports available, you can use some of the older standard GSM gateways, also cost effective. Check which FXO or FXS ports you require as it varies between GSM gateways.
 Asterisk Server  <-> FXO or FXS Port <-> GSM Gateway

  • There are also many IP based GSM gateways which can register as a trunk. This makes for easier configuration an management.

Where to Buy GSM Gateways