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Asterisk used to have some mp3 files distributed with it for music on hold. There has been some legal wrangling with the original Music on hold, so Asterisk distributions have been updated with new version. These will work with all FreePBX, PIAF, Trixbox and Asterisk distributions. The new version is OPSound, the old files were freeplay.

New Music on Hold Filenames

  • macroform-cold_day.wav
  • macroform-robot_dity.wav
  • macroform-the_simplicity.wav
  • manolo_camp-morning_coffee.wav
  • reno_project-system.wav

Download the Free Music On Hold from Asterisk

From Asterisk

This means that all Asterisk releases available on have been rebuilt to include the new Opsound MOH files, and the release branches and tags in the Subversion repository have also been changed so that any checkouts from those tags/branches will include (or install) the new MOH files as well.

Free Music From VoiceStudio

Voicestudio offer 100 Free Royalty Free Tracks for download. Click Here To Download Free Hold Music