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Asterisk Fax

For a long time Asterisk, VoIP and Fax have not played nicely together. Digium, the official creators of Asterisk have released a new fax system which is FREE for 1 license, additional Asterisk Fax license is $US33 per channel. Faxes are stored as tiff files.

Digium’s Fax For Asterisk gives Asterisk the ability to send and receive fax documents over both legacy telephony and VoIP connections. Incoming faxes are routed through the Asterisk dialplan and stored as TIFF image documents. Outbound faxes are initiated using standard Asterisk call origination mechanisms and are generated from locally stored TIFF documents.

Asterisk Fax Free Version

Free Fax For Asterisk is provided, one per installation of Asterisk, to customers without charge. To receive your free channel of Fax For Asterisk, simply add it to your cart from the Digium store and check out – no payment is necessary. After Digium processes your request, you will receive an e-mail containing installation instructions. Follow the Fax For Asterisk installation instructions to register your free channel. Registration of your key locks the license key to the server on which it was registered.

  • See the link below for download link.

Asterisk Fax Note

  • Fax For Asterisk is supported only on x86 Linux environments; x86_64 is not currently supported. Users of x86_64 systems should install 32-bit compatibility modes in order to use Fax For Asterisk.

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